Reputation Reviews


Reputation Reviews
Dr P.

I just wanted to provide this account of my experience over the last year and a half of treatment. I am very much of the view that outstanding practice should be recognised and acknowledged.

Despite having been relatively fastidious in my teeth cleaning regime since childhood I was sadly lacking in awareness of the need for healthy gum maintenance. The combination of over-vigorous teeth cleaning (I am sometimes referred to as ‘heavy-hand’ by those in my family) and gum disease (which both my parents experienced) led to a situation where the teeth on my upper jaw were in a precarious position. Not only were they aesthetically extremely poor, they were also dangerously close to being non-functional i.e., loose and close to falling out. I was, truth be told, somewhat ashamed at having arrived at this point due to what I felt was inexcusable ignorance. I was also highly conscious of the aesthetic of the teeth and was consciously avoiding laughing or smiling (and sometimes speaking). This naturally had a knock-on effect on my confidence in my job which is very much what is currently termed as ‘people-facing’ and relies on direct interaction and communication.

I had to have almost all of the teeth on my upper jaw removed and replaced with a dental implant. From the very first consultation, through to the completion of the process and subsequent check-up I was treated as a partner in the decision-making and planning.  We discussed how to ensure that the implants would look healthy and as natural as possible, fitting well with the aesthetics of the teeth in the lower jaw (once the whitening process indicated the optimum shade). The balance of information, communication and discussion was calibrated extremely well, all within a tone of respectfulness and positivity. The outcome, as well as being technically and aesthetically flawless (in my judgement), was also psychologically and emotionally therapeutic.

The process in regard to such a major operation is so much more than a series of ‘technical’ procedures. No matter how skilled the dentist is, and the quality of his/her dentistry (in this case superb), the manner in which they relate to the client has a major impact on the emotional and psychological experience of the process. Sanjay Chopra appears to be highly aware of this and was very skilled in communicating, not just in a technically accurate manner in terms of the process, but in a positive and reassuring manner. When a person is feeling very vulnerable, as I was, this is an essential element to the ‘holistic’ approach, treating clients not just as a dental issue, but as a person who requires reassurance.

Before choosing to go to Sanjay Chopra I had explored feedback from previous clients. At the time I was somewhat puzzled by their choice of the phrase ‘having been pleased they had made the investment’ (or similar terms). It seemed rather inappropriate when speaking of a non-financial context. After having experienced the process and outcome I now understand that they were probably speaking of investing in themselves. I too am glad that I made that investment. I now laugh and smile more and feel confident in my appearance when meeting with clients and presenting training. It has likely added several years to my professional career. Given that I work with vulnerable children and their families and schools, hopefully Sanjay (in a roundabout way) has contributed to potentially positive outcomes for those very vulnerable youngsters.

Mr K.

I have been a patient of the surgery since it opened in Leigh and for the last 13 years Helen has looked after us. She is extremely good at putting you at ease and dealing with nervous patients such as my wife. Going for an appointment is more like meeting a friend. She takes the trouble to explain what the options are and details of the treatment. Treatment is carried out with care and in a quiet professional manner. If she feels it appropriate she will readily refer you to one on the other dentist with specialist knowledge. Her after care is excellent.


My wife and I have been patients of Helen Davison at Highland View Dental Surgery for more than ten years and would like to record our continuing satisfaction with the level of care we have received from her. From the very beginning we have found Helen to be kind, considerate and gentle at all times making a visit to the dentist as pleasant an experience as possible. Helen has a confident manner and obviously considerable expertise in dealing with the various dental problems we have encountered over the years. She has always provided us with a clear explanation of the treatment recommended and has taken time to discuss the relative merits of the different courses of action available. I was most impressed by Helen’s approach when I needed a cosmetic veneer on one of my front teeth. Great trouble was taken to obtain the best colour match and she involved me and the technician to get it right. Equal importance was given to avoiding any unsightly gap around the gum so the end result was first class. After a good number of years the work still looks as good as when it was first done.

Helen is very thorough and conscientious and in my case she spotted the beginnings of a potentially serious condition in the soft tissue of my mouth and referred me at once to The Eastman Dental Hospital for confirmation of the diagnosis. This was duly confirmed and the hospital was happy for Helen to monitor the symptoms with a view to subsequent referral if my condition changed. Helen is very professional in her approach and always takes the trouble to be prepared for our visits. She comes across as genuinely interested in our welfare.

Mr J N

Please find a testimonial for all of the years of excellent service that you have provided for me. I have been a patient of Philip Hayter for nearly twenty years and have been registered with Highland View Dental Surgery since 1999. Philip and his team of caring professionals have addressed all of my general dentistry needs throughout that time. I attend the surgery regularly and have absolute confidence in the team’s ability to provide a professional service in surroundings that are both comfortable and reassuring. The surgery is equipped with latest computer driven technology and has provided me with an on-site service in respect of x-rays, fillings, hygiene, crowns and an implant. I was particularly impressed with the technical process for measuring, colour matching and manufacturing a new crown whilst I watched and waited for it to be fitted. The entire process was completed quickly and conveniently, without the need for me to endure a temporary crown or for me to make another appointment for the finished crown to be fitted. During my long association with Highland View I have had an implant and the surrounding teeth have been straightened successfully. I was apprehensive about the implant operation, but Philip put me completely at ease and took time to explain the each stage of the process carefully. I received a full package of information before the process began and careful guidance on aftercare once the operation was completed. I was surprised how quickly the operation was addressed and I am delighted to say, the implant settled quickly and painlessly. I regard it as my own tooth and am wholly confident when using it. It is important for me to add that Preventative dentistry is a key aim of the service. The surgery is supported by practitioners of the highest qualification and experience and I am pleased to say the professional and practical hygiene advice that I have received has enabled a significant improvement in the overall health and appearance of my teeth and gums. I would highly recommend Highland View Dental Surgery to anyone who is seeking a first class standard of private dental care, within the local community, at a price that is affordable.

Mrs C

I needed a lot of dentistry work done and as I was a very nervous patient I was referred to Highland View primarily for their sedation expertise. The sedation was a revelation and it was backed up by the most amazing care from Philip Hayter and everyone around him. I do not know how I could have kept going through the following 6 months without the support of the whole team, from the receptionist upwards. They thought of, and delivered, everything that you could possibly need, both emotionally and medically. The consideration and thoughtfulness that has been, and is constantly being, demonstrated is a winning formula. I now feel quite relaxed as a patient and I really wish I had found them earlier I now regard them as the friendly face of dentistry, perhaps some of their profession could follow their example.


It has been three months since you fitted my three implants and how do I thank you enough. You took on a very tricky situation with my teeth and gave your professionalism, imagination, attention to detail and most of your enthusiasm to solve my problem. My problems were that I had deep infection at the base of a tooth in the lower front, a loose bridge which covered the lower front teeth and another infected tooth on the other side of the lower front, together with considerable bone loss. I had been to several Specialists who would only consider my case if all my teeth were extracted and even then would not confirm that the implants would succeed. I now have my implants and they have settled in right from the first moment they were inserted. Where the gum had receded so much because of the infection it has now been covered by the implant, which is white at the top for a tooth and pink where the gum would have been. As you have given me so much confidence, I am now considering having the implants on the top teeth.


In 2012 I attended my first appointment with Philip Hayter, who had been highly recommended to me. I had had so many problems with my teeth that I had become very anxious and nervous about having any treatment. Philip was the most patient, understanding and professional dentist that I had ever met. He gave me such confidence in his treatment as he explained every stage in great detail and was able to put my mind at rest about any concerns that I had. During the nine months that the dental work took, Philip gave me such incredible support, encouragement and help, without which I would not have been able to manage. I am delighted with the results of my implants! They are comfortable, easy to get used to and have given me my confidence back. Compared to ordinary dentures, they are amazing!! I cannot thank Philip and Sanjay enough for their expertise and help and also the dental nurses who were so kind to me. One very happy lady.

A R (Cranham)

At the age of 69 and with most of my adult teeth gone my dentist introduced me to Highland View Dental Practice with the view of having dental implants. I was introduced to one of the partners of the practice Mr Sanjay Chopra and after a couple of consultations and CT Scans I became very comfortable and confident in Mr Chopras suggestions. The work has now been carried out by Mr Chopra and his wonderful caring staff who made me feel at ease all through the treatment. With my treatment now completed I am highly delighted with my new sets of implant dentures and now I can eat and smile as normal with confidence and as a further bonus have been told it also makes me look younger what more can you ask for?. To me it is a life changing experience. Therefore a big thank you to all at Highland View Dental Practice.

F.L. Essex.

I had had gum disease since I was a teenager. Back at the beginning of 2011, my dentist recommended an appointment at the Highland View to discuss the possibility of Implants. I already had a full upper denture and a partial lower denture, but the time had come for me to consider a full lower denture with implants. Mr. Sanjay Chopra discussed the options and I felt very confident with his suggestions. I started my treatment in April 2011 and finally finished in November the same year. There were many appointments and each time I felt great confidence with the process and was very impressed with every stage which was fully explained. All the staff at the practice were extremely kind and caring. A very positive experience. Now 15 months later, everything is still going very well and I am so very grateful to have been treated with such professionalism. All good wishes to you, Kath and all the staff.

Mr J. C.

I am a twenty year old male who always dreads visiting the dentist due to a phobia of injections. Just the thought alone of having to have one makes me shake, hyperventilate, sweat, panic etc. When I was offered the nasal spray as a solution to having to consciously face an injection I was thrilled at the chance to try it out. I have tried out the spray twice now, both times being a huge success. The first time I had the spray administered I remember lying down and waiting for it to kick in, feeling ever so slightly giddy, and then the next thing I remember is waking up with the entire procedure having been completed, no memory whatsoever of having had an injection, and no memory of any of the procedure. The second time the spray did not sedate me quick as quickly and I recall having part consciousness whilst the injection was given, however by this time I was already easily well enough under the influence of the spray that it felt like it was happening in a dream and not in real life, and for some reason, despite my normal fear, I was nearly entirely apathetic to it. All in all, I couldn’t recommend the spray more highly for anyone who fears injections or the dentist generally as, in my case, it either sent me entirely to sleep in its own right, or made me so sedated I barely realised I was being given an injection.


My journey began eight months ago March 2012. I had severe gum disease and my four top front teeth had either moved or started to go brown. As I did not want to go down the route of wearing a gum plate for the foreseeable future. My own dentist referred me to Highlandview to discuss implants. I first met Sanjay Chopra for a consultancy and I immediately felt very at ease I completely trusted his advice and expertise. Unfortunately because of the ferocity of the gum disease I also had to see a periodontist. Her name was Eilis who gave me great advice on cleaning and through out my treatment was very gentle and kind. Eight months later through numerous visits to ensure my gums were ready for implants. October this year I now have my four top front teeth but most of all I have my smile and my confidence back. I know this came at a price and I was very lucky to be able to have this pain free procedure but without Sanjay and the rest of the Team including the dentist nurses and Claire on reception that always had a friendly welcoming smile this would not have been possible. So thank you all.


I am an active sixty-nine year old whose principal love is sailing. When a front upper crown became loose because the tooth’s root had cracked, my dentist had to inform me that both it, and the adjacent tooth, would probably have to be extracted. I definitely did not want to wear a denture – when sailing one does not want to be bothered with a foreign body in one’s mouth that can be dislodged by a rogue wave or by the rough and tumble of life at sea. I also had my share of male vanity, not wanting to face the world with a large gap in my smile. I was aware that dental implants were available, so my dentist referred me to Sanjay Chopra at Highland View Dental Care, telling me that should she ever require a dental implant, Sanjay was the only person she would entrust the job too. Having now had two implants fitted by Sanjay I have to say I can understand my dentist’s confidence in him. From the first consultation I was treated with professional care of the highest order. The process of tooth implantation was carefully described, with every opportunity for me to ask questions. An initial X-ray revealed that continual abscesses on the loose tooth had weakened the adjacent tooth, and that both teeth would need to be extracted. This Sanjay performed painlessly, and the gum had healed completely by my second visit two weeks later.

Immediately after the extractions I was fitted with a temporary denture to preserve my modesty. I wore this for the six months before the final implants could be fitted, and could smile without embarrassment. The denture was a comfortable fit, and no one knew the teeth were not my own – but wearing it made me appreciate the implants once they were fitted. I can now eat crunchy apples, raw carrots and celery without hesitation. More importantly I can sail my boat in all weathers without fear of loosing my teeth in hazardous circumstances. Sanjay performed the important fixture placements four months after the extractions. I had not been looking forward to this, but was relieved to find the process painless thanks to modern analgesics and Sanjay’s professional expertise. I was very happy for him to photograph each stage of my treatment – the photographs being used to teach implant surgery to his students at the Royal London Hospital. I am not squeamish, and Sanjay was very willing to show me these photographs of my treatment, and explain exactly what he was doing to ensure the success of my treatment.

Finally, two months after the fixture placements I had my two implanted teeth fitted. This was a very straight forward process, again with no pain, and four months later I have almost forgotten that the teeth are implants and not my own. I would also like to record my appreciation of other members of the Highland View team. Sanjay’s dental nurse Amanda was a reassuring presence throughout my treatment, as was Sarah, the dental hygienist, who ensured my mouth was fit and healthy to receive the implants, and who gave me valuable guidance on future dental care. The reception team at the surgery were also friendly and welcoming, making my visits a pleasant experience.


Due to poor genes and lack of care by the time I was in my late thirties my teeth were past the point of repair. After years of watching what I was eating and feeling embarrassed about the condition of my teeth I spoke to my dentist about having the remaining teeth removed, and moving from part dentures to full dentures. He suggested that I speak to Sanjay Chopra at Highland View. After a consultation with Sanjay we agreed that dental implants would be the best way forward. The procedure, timescales and costs were explained in great detail. I opted for sedation for some of the procedures, this I would recommend to anyone who has the slightest fear of visiting the dentist, it was great. After several months of treatment I am delighted with the results, I no longer have to watch what I eat and above all I now smile with confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Highland View, Sanjay and his team made me feel very at ease and kept me informed every step of the way.


I decided to go to Highland View after reading their good reviews. Now here I am writing my own review on the excellent treatment I have just received. For many years I have worn dentures, after losing my upper frontside bridge. I hated wearing them and never felt confident. After a long and informative chat with Philip, it was decided that after having successful periodontal treatment I was able to have 3 implants supporting a bridge of 4 teeth. This procedure has changed my life remarkably. I have confidence in talking, eating and most of all, I feel like “my old self” again. The whole procedure was performed with great professionalism, care and consideration to me, which was very comforting. It was a big decision for me to go ahead with the treatment. Philip and all the staff made me feel at ease all the time. A truly life changing experience. Thank you so much.


I have been suffering with needle phobia for about 3 years. I was given a vaccination and immediately passed out, I’ve had problems ever since. Whilst watching a film at school about drugs, the sight of the needle made me faint. I passed out two more times at school during similar situations, it was all very embarrassing. I was due to have two teeth out at another Dental practice in October but just could not let anyone near me with the needle so they couldn’t take the teeth out. My mum found Highland View on the Internet when she was looking for alternatives to needle sedation. They have been fantastic. I met Sanjay and Amanda for a consultation and really liked them. They gave me lots of information but the main thing for me was they said I could leave if I wanted to. I know it may sound silly but that’s what put my mind a ease. On the day I was very nervous, Sanjay, Amanda and Rebecca took their time, they were calm and encouraging. They gave me the intranasal spray and before I knew it my teeth were out. I was given several injections to numb my gum, I don’t remember any of them. According to my mum I was tearful when she came into the room and continually thanked the team for all that they had done. I will have to have some more teeth out at some stage because I’m going through the process of having a brace fitted. I fully intend to go back to Highland View. I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone.

Martin McG – Benfleet

Having decided on implants I carried out extensive research. I paid and had consultations with a number of dentists in the area. In the end I had no hesitation in selecting Sanjay at Highland View. Having had the work done (two bridges with four implants) I am completely satisfied, from the initial consultation throughout the work itself Sanjay and his team could not have been more professional at every stage of the process. I felt nothing but confident that the outcome would be as Sanjay described in the initial consultation. I am delighted with the work that was carried out and the aftercare and have no hesitation in returning in the future if more work is necessary. The overall results have exceeded my expectations.

June L

Same Day Teeth- If you are thinking of having the Same Day Teeth procedure please do not hesitate to make an appointment with Highland View Dental Surgery. Sanjay, Philip and the whole team are masters in their craft and changed my life, I can now smile, talk and eat with confidence. Thank you all very much.

Carol Bennett

Having top & bottom fixed dentures has proved to be a good option/decision. Smiling is not embarrassing, eating is now a pleasure. I would recommend Sanjay Chopra to anyone. He is clear and considerate. Thank you Highland View especially Sanjay.


I have always been extremely self-conscious of my poor front teeth. They were crooked and as a child, the dreadful school dentist had done a very unsightly filling in one of the very front teeth. As I grew up I became totally phobic about the dentist and hadn’t been for over 40 years. Then a friend told me about Highland View, and their sympathetic approach to people like me. Having been to Philip for a few years, who I trust implicitly to never hurt me, I asked him if anything could be done to improve my front teeth. He immediately suggested I see Genevieve, and I subsequently saw her a few weeks later. She suggested 6 veneers would do the job, and boy, they are amazing! The woman is a saint! Before each treatment she would call or text me to reassure me and calm me down. Not only has she given me the smile I always dreamed of, but she has improved my self-confidence. She also has cured me of my phobia of visiting the dentist. Thank you Philip and Genevieve from the bottom of my heart.


I have suffered from severe gum disease for over a decade. I have been wearing dentures for years after loosing many of my top teeth, I really hated them, they are painful and very uncomfortable. My dentist recommend me to Highland View to discuss implants. I had my first appointment with Philip Hayter, he suggested different options but he really help me to choose the best one for me, 6 implants with a full upper bridge. Without his encouragement and help I don’t think I would have managed to take the right decision. The results is absolutely brilliant. So, Philip, thank you so much. The whole procedure took about 4 months and it was carried out with great professionalisms, care and attention to detail. Everyone was very kind and nice, The after care was outstanding. My treatment is now completed and I am very happy with my implants, my confident is back, I have not more loose teeth and not pain, it feels great. My whole life is just simply better. I very much recommend Highland View to anyone thinking of any dental treatment, they are fantastic. To all the team at Highland View dental practice a very big thank you.

Vivienne Jago

I am a patient that has been with you since 2016. I have been under Mitchell for periodontal work during my time with the practice. I can only say what a pleasure it is both being treated by her and her assistant (Litha) during my treatments over the years for ‘gum disease’. They are both very professional and are always careful to make me feel at ease and calm whilst receiving my treatment. In addition, not to forget Sarah the ‘hygienist’ and the excellent reception team. I would recommend all of them to anybody that requires similar work, especially people who are nervous about going to either a Dentist or a Periodontist.