It has been three months since you fitted my three implants and how do I thank you enough. You took on a very tricky situation with my teeth and gave your professionalism, imagination, attention to detail and most of your enthusiasm to solve my problem. My problems were that I had deep infection at the base of a tooth in the lower front, a loose bridge which covered the lower front teeth and another infected tooth on the other side of the lower front, together with considerable bone loss. I had been to several Specialists who would only consider my case if all my teeth were extracted and even then would not confirm that the implants would succeed. I now have my implants and they have settled in right from the first moment they were inserted. Where the gum had receded so much because of the infection it has now been covered by the implant, which is white at the top for a tooth and pink where the gum would have been. As you have given me so much confidence, I am now considering having the implants on the top teeth.