I am an active sixty-nine year old whose principal love is sailing. When a front upper crown became loose because the tooth’s root had cracked, my dentist had to inform me that both it, and the adjacent tooth, would probably have to be extracted. I definitely did not want to wear a denture – when sailing one does not want to be bothered with a foreign body in one’s mouth that can be dislodged by a rogue wave or by the rough and tumble of life at sea. I also had my share of male vanity, not wanting to face the world with a large gap in my smile. I was aware that dental implants were available, so my dentist referred me to Sanjay Chopra at Highland View Dental Care, telling me that should she ever require a dental implant, Sanjay was the only person she would entrust the job too. Having now had two implants fitted by Sanjay I have to say I can understand my dentist’s confidence in him. From the first consultation I was treated with professional care of the highest order. The process of tooth implantation was carefully described, with every opportunity for me to ask questions. An initial X-ray revealed that continual abscesses on the loose tooth had weakened the adjacent tooth, and that both teeth would need to be extracted. This Sanjay performed painlessly, and the gum had healed completely by my second visit two weeks later.

Immediately after the extractions I was fitted with a temporary denture to preserve my modesty. I wore this for the six months before the final implants could be fitted, and could smile without embarrassment. The denture was a comfortable fit, and no one knew the teeth were not my own – but wearing it made me appreciate the implants once they were fitted. I can now eat crunchy apples, raw carrots and celery without hesitation. More importantly I can sail my boat in all weathers without fear of loosing my teeth in hazardous circumstances. Sanjay performed the important fixture placements four months after the extractions. I had not been looking forward to this, but was relieved to find the process painless thanks to modern analgesics and Sanjay’s professional expertise. I was very happy for him to photograph each stage of my treatment – the photographs being used to teach implant surgery to his students at the Royal London Hospital. I am not squeamish, and Sanjay was very willing to show me these photographs of my treatment, and explain exactly what he was doing to ensure the success of my treatment.

Finally, two months after the fixture placements I had my two implanted teeth fitted. This was a very straight forward process, again with no pain, and four months later I have almost forgotten that the teeth are implants and not my own. I would also like to record my appreciation of other members of the Highland View team. Sanjay’s dental nurse Amanda was a reassuring presence throughout my treatment, as was Sarah, the dental hygienist, who ensured my mouth was fit and healthy to receive the implants, and who gave me valuable guidance on future dental care. The reception team at the surgery were also friendly and welcoming, making my visits a pleasant experience.