My journey began eight months ago March 2012. I had severe gum disease and my four top front teeth had either moved or started to go brown. As I did not want to go down the route of wearing a gum plate for the foreseeable future. My own dentist referred me to Highlandview to discuss implants. I first met Sanjay Chopra for a consultancy and I immediately felt very at ease I completely trusted his advice and expertise. Unfortunately because of the ferocity of the gum disease I also had to see a periodontist. Her name was Eilis who gave me great advice on cleaning and through out my treatment was very gentle and kind. Eight months later through numerous visits to ensure my gums were ready for implants. October this year I now have my four top front teeth but most of all I have my smile and my confidence back. I know this came at a price and I was very lucky to be able to have this pain free procedure but without Sanjay and the rest of the Team including the dentist nurses and Claire on reception that always had a friendly welcoming smile this would not have been possible. So thank you all.