Diagnosis Prices From:

Consultations (includes initial x-rays if required) From £150
Routine Examination (Regular existing patients) £68
Post Treatment Reviews (e.g. Implant, perio, surgical) from £100
Small X-rays £16 each
Panoral/OPG (if added to other treatment/assessment) £85
Panoral Radiograph (or up to 4 small x-rays only, on referral) £85
Cone Beam CT Scan on Disc (with free viewing software*) £230 per arch
CT Scan Reporting (fee by radiologist if requested, in addition to scan fee): From £230

OPGs on referral are sent by email. Additional fee £10 if written to disc
*Scans/X-rays on referral are sent unreported unless requested

Implant Treatment Prices From:

Consultation £150
Single Implant by a GDC Registered Specialist - including Abutment and Crown ( Excludes Initial Consultation, Scan and additional treatment if required) £2,950
Full Arch Overdentures Supported on Implants From £6500 - £11500
Full Arch Implant Retained Bridge per Arch From £16,000
Guided Bone Regeneration (minor augmentation) From £300
Sinus Lift / Block Bone Grafting (Exclusively by Specialist Oral Surgeons) From £2000

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Please Note: additional fees apply for Consult, CT Scan, Sedation etc. Although quite accurate, this is intended as a guide and exact fees will be discussed at consultation depending on requirements.

Fees above are based on treatment by a Registered Specialist in Oral Surgery, with a Diploma and Advanced Certificate in Implant Dentistry (Royal College of Surgeons) and over 20 Years Implant and teaching experience

Specialist Oral Surgery:

Consultation £150
Complicated Extractions (including Root removal & Wisdom Teeth) £250 - £700 each
Apicectomy From £1000


Consultation £150
Fees (per session in addition to treatment fee) From £400
Sedation for Periodontal or Endodontic Treatment From £400 - £800 per session
Additional Fee for Intranasal Sedation From £150

Please note that all sedations require a consultation/assessment normally at a separate appointment. In exceptional circumstances sedation may be offered on the same day but this can never be guaranteed at time of booking the consultation.

Endodontic Practitioner Fees Prices From:

Endodontic Consultation £150
Incisors/Canines From £800
Premolars From £850
Molars From £950

All Root Treatment referral are seen by the endodontic practitioner. Additional fees apply for re-treatment, posts, temporary crowns, perforation repairs etc- to be assessed.

Periodontal Referral Fees Prices From:

Periodontal Consultation £160
Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment (per session) (Please note 2-4 sessions normally required depending on complexity) From £400
Post Periodontal Treatment Review and Pocket Chart £140
Periodontal Maintenance (with periodontist after course of treatment) TBC
Periodontal Surgical and Other Procedures (eg crown lengthening) From £500

Orthodontics Fees Prices From:

Consultation for Orthodontics £50
Fixed Braces £2900 - £3500
Invisalign "Invisible" Braces £2700 - £4500

Routine & Cosmetic Dentistry Fees

Routine Dental Check Up (regular existing patients) £68
Routine Dental Check Up (for regular existing patients under 16 years old) £40
Routine Scaling at Examination Appointment From £75
Extractions by general dentist From £250
Composite Fillings £120 - £350
Veneers (Per Tooth) £800 - £1200
Crowns/Bridges (Per Tooth) £800 - £1200
Upper Denture From £700
Lower Denture From £700
Root Canal Treatment by general dentist From £450
Hygienist Appointments (30 Min) From £75
Tooth Whitening From £425
Sports Mouth Guard £180
Botox (Per Area) From £280

Updated January 2024

-guide prices only, fees may vary depending on complexity