Please find a testimonial for all of the years of excellent service that you have provided for me. I have been a patient of Philip Hayter for nearly twenty years and have been registered with Highland View Dental Surgery since 1999. Philip and his team of caring professionals have addressed all of my general dentistry needs throughout that time. I attend the surgery regularly and have absolute confidence in the team’s ability to provide a professional service in surroundings that are both comfortable and reassuring. The surgery is equipped with latest computer driven technology and has provided me with an on-site service in respect of x-rays, fillings, hygiene, crowns and an implant. I was particularly impressed with the technical process for measuring, colour matching and manufacturing a new crown whilst I watched and waited for it to be fitted. The entire process was completed quickly and conveniently, without the need for me to endure a temporary crown or for me to make another appointment for the finished crown to be fitted. During my long association with Highland View I have had an implant and the surrounding teeth have been straightened successfully. I was apprehensive about the implant operation, but Philip put me completely at ease and took time to explain the each stage of the process carefully. I received a full package of information before the process began and careful guidance on aftercare once the operation was completed. I was surprised how quickly the operation was addressed and I am delighted to say, the implant settled quickly and painlessly. I regard it as my own tooth and am wholly confident when using it. It is important for me to add that Preventative dentistry is a key aim of the service. The surgery is supported by practitioners of the highest qualification and experience and I am pleased to say the professional and practical hygiene advice that I have received has enabled a significant improvement in the overall health and appearance of my teeth and gums. I would highly recommend Highland View Dental Surgery to anyone who is seeking a first class standard of private dental care, within the local community, at a price that is affordable.