I have always been extremely self-conscious of my poor front teeth. They were crooked and as a child, the dreadful school dentist had done a very unsightly filling in one of the very front teeth. As I grew up I became totally phobic about the dentist and hadn’t been for over 40 years. Then a friend told me about Highland View, and their sympathetic approach to people like me. Having been to Philip for a few years, who I trust implicitly to never hurt me, I asked him if anything could be done to improve my front teeth. He immediately suggested I see Genevieve, and I subsequently saw her a few weeks later. She suggested 6 veneers would do the job, and boy, they are amazing! The woman is a saint! Before each treatment she would call or text me to reassure me and calm me down. Not only has she given me the smile I always dreamed of, but she has improved my self-confidence. She also has cured me of my phobia of visiting the dentist. Thank you Philip and Genevieve from the bottom of my heart.