I am a twenty year old male who always dreads visiting the dentist due to a phobia of injections. Just the thought alone of having to have one makes me shake, hyperventilate, sweat, panic etc. When I was offered the nasal spray as a solution to having to consciously face an injection I was thrilled at the chance to try it out. I have tried out the spray twice now, both times being a huge success. The first time I had the spray administered I remember lying down and waiting for it to kick in, feeling ever so slightly giddy, and then the next thing I remember is waking up with the entire procedure having been completed, no memory whatsoever of having had an injection, and no memory of any of the procedure. The second time the spray did not sedate me quick as quickly and I recall having part consciousness whilst the injection was given, however by this time I was already easily well enough under the influence of the spray that it felt like it was happening in a dream and not in real life, and for some reason, despite my normal fear, I was nearly entirely apathetic to it. All in all, I couldn’t recommend the spray more highly for anyone who fears injections or the dentist generally as, in my case, it either sent me entirely to sleep in its own right, or made me so sedated I barely realised I was being given an injection.