I have been suffering with needle phobia for about 3 years. I was given a vaccination and immediately passed out, I’ve had problems ever since. Whilst watching a film at school about drugs, the sight of the needle made me faint. I passed out two more times at school during similar situations, it was all very embarrassing. I was due to have two teeth out at another Dental practice in October but just could not let anyone near me with the needle so they couldn’t take the teeth out. My mum found Highland View on the Internet when she was looking for alternatives to needle sedation. They have been fantastic. I met Sanjay and Amanda for a consultation and really liked them. They gave me lots of information but the main thing for me was they said I could leave if I wanted to. I know it may sound silly but that’s what put my mind a ease. On the day I was very nervous, Sanjay, Amanda and Rebecca took their time, they were calm and encouraging. They gave me the intranasal spray and before I knew it my teeth were out. I was given several injections to numb my gum, I don’t remember any of them. According to my mum I was tearful when she came into the room and continually thanked the team for all that they had done. I will have to have some more teeth out at some stage because I’m going through the process of having a brace fitted. I fully intend to go back to Highland View. I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone.