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Dental emergencies are never on the agenda, but knowing what to do when one arises is important.

Whether it’s a chipped tooth or you’re experiencing swelling or pain in the mouth, emergency oral surgeons are the experts you should call.

Not only will they treat the problem area using a highly effective and most appropriate method for you, but they’ll also aid healing to help avoid future dental problems.

Learn more about emergency oral surgeons with Highland View Dental Surgery.


What does an emergency oral surgeon do?

Emergency dentists deal with chipped or broken teeth, abscesses, trauma, avulsed teeth, swelling and lost or broken crowns.

Treatment for these cases depends on the dentist, the patient’s jaw structure and overall health.

Most commonly, emergency oral surgeons fix chipped or broken teeth. However, they have the skills and tools to perform more intricate surgeries like root canals that cannot wait until regular opening hours.

For extreme cases – like when extractions are performed – dental sedation in Essex is used to limit the pain the patient feels and help ease nerves in more anxious patients during complex procedures.


Do I need emergency dental surgery - Highland View

Will an emergency dentist remove a tooth?

In extreme cases, tooth extractions are performed by emergency oral surgeons.

Tooth extractions in Essex are performed by our professional oral surgeons when the tooth cannot be fixed by other means and needs to be removed from the jaw.


When should I see an emergency dentist?

You should visit an emergency dentist if you’re experiencing severe pain, have chipped or broken a tooth or filling, or have noticed swelling in your face and jaw.

The best way to find out if an emergency dentist is what you need is by calling your dental practice. Explain the level of pain and the type of emergency, so our team can prioritise your concern and arrange an appointment accordingly.

Do I need an emergency oral surgeon - Highland View

How much will an appointment with an emergency dentist cost?

At Highland View, an appointment with one of our private out-of-hours emergency oral surgeons costs between £150 and £200. The total cost depends on the work completed and the nature of the emergency.

The total cost is reflective of the work completed. Here at Highland View Dental Surgery, we aim to use preventative methods when possible, to help avoid dental problems in the future and heal as effectively as possible.


How to book an appointment with an emergency oral surgeon

For out-of-hours emergencies, we recommend calling the NHS Dental Emergency Service on 111.

However, in an exceptional circumstance, where you need to contact one of our emergency oral surgeons, call 07849 991 913.


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